Wednesday, 11 February 2009

So what is Operation Broadsword ?

Whats in a name, some might ask, well some years ago a sat down with my cousin to watch a film and jokingly suggested watching one of my all time favourite war films, Where Eagles Dare. Now considering my cousin is actually about 15yrs younger than me, he doesn't recall the film being played every other Sunday back in the 80's so he asks what the film is about - I'm shocked at this and in amazement, slip the DVD into the player and said "watch and learn".

Now for anyone that hasn't seen the cable car scene before, it comes as a bit of a climax of the film and Tom's reaction was perhaps on a par with me finding out that Darth Vader was Luke dad. So the tale of Tom watching Where Eagles Dare has become a bit of a family legend. So whats with the name you ask again ? OK, I'm coming to the punchline... Several years later, whilst Tom was trying to configure the sound on his web cam in Canada, I could see him, I was instructing over the message box and repeatedly saying the immortal phrase "Broadsword calling Danny boy, broadsword calling Danny boy, come in Danny boy". All I could see was Tom with a frustrated face, then suddenly, he was jumping around the room.... my voice could be heard in Canada !

In more recent times, we talked about a road trip to see some movie locations, visiting Werfen, Villa Balianello and Tusker Dam, but never quite got around to it, until (in the style of Tomorrows World) now. I will be seeing some of the European locations whilst on my honeymoon with Lesley, but as part of my last few days as a single man, I have arranged with Tom and my other two good friends John and Dave to tour the county, seeing the sights of the South Coast, Wales, Cumbria, Scottish Highlands and then culminating in a mad 15hr drive from John O Groats to Lands End on the 21st June 2009 ! So what better name than "Operation Broadsword" for the tour and the "Longest Day" for the 15hr drive ?